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Full structural survey cost.



The full structural survey is  more detalied than the homebuyer report and will cost more.


The full structural survey.


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full structural survey will cost more than a homebuyers report and is normally advisable for older buildings.

With a full structural survey, the surveyor will check the property thoroughly from the foundations to the roof.

The surveyor should give a detailed appraisal of the construction and will provide technical analysis of significant defects and appropriate remedial work.

  Structural survey cost.

This type of survey is extremely comprehensive both in the extent of inspection and detail of the report, the full building survey or full structural survey typically costs upwards of 800. A full structural survey normally takes much longer than a homebuyer's report, it is not uncommon for a full structural survey to last a whole day!

Although the full structural survey is comparatively expensive when compared to a homebuyers report, it can more than pay for itself if you decide to re-negotiate the purchase price based on the survey findings.


  What does a full structural survey include?

So what does a full structural survey include and how much does a structural survey cost?

A full structural survey will include:

  • A building inspection

  • A full survey report

  • A property valuation

The full structural survey cost will be significantly higher than a homebuyer's report and will depend largely on the property value. The typical cost of a structural survey will start from around 800.

As well as any major problems the survey report will Identify less significant defects, general disrepair and shortcomings in the physical condition, maintenance and design of the building. The survey is presented in a detailed written report and the surveyor should be available to follow up on, and answer any questions relating to the findings.

In summary the full structural survey will have the following features:

An extremely comprehensive inspection & report.

Can be tailored to your requirements.

A property valuation taking into account survey results.


  The building inspection.

Typically, full structural surveys will include inspections of roofs (internally & externally), walls (internally & externally), floors, windows and doors, chimney stacks and parapets, ceilings, mains services, central heating, sanitary goods, decorations, garages and outbuildings, grounds and boundaries, along with any defects such as dampness, structural damage, timber decay, etc

With this type of survey it is normally possible to factor in any areas of particular concern, for example drainage systems, proximity of trees, internal chimney inspections etc. Most surveyors will be happy to tailor the survey inspection to your specific requirements.

  The full structural survey report.

The survey report will be extremely detailed, as surveyors are legally obliged to inform you of all the findings of the survey. The survey will typically highlight problems and indicate an approximate cost of remedial action.

  Property valuation.

The valuation forms part of the report and takes into account the report findings and also uses a market comparison by researching sales of similar property types in the area. The surveyor will normally present a summary of the survey results to the lender on your behalf.



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